Jurassic Park 3D


Recently, Universal Pictures has released the 3D version of Jurassic Park.

If you are unfamiliar with the storyline, be forewarned: spoilers ahead! The plot summary from IMDb is as follows: During a preview tour, a theme park suffers a major power breakdown that allows its cloned dinosaur exhibits to run amok.

I went to watch this movie recently, as I loved the original and sequel when I was a kid. I was absolutely thrilled! It was even better than when I watched it as a kid since I don’t remember going to the theater to watch it, and now I understand it more. Then it was: Yay! Dinosaurs! Now, it’s: Oh wow! The special effects and acting is amazing! Though I think a crush on Jeff Goldblum as Ian Malcolm doesn’t hurt when watching it!

When Dinosaurs Ruled the Earth

The effects were incredible in 3D. It felt like the dinosaurs were coming right out at you. I watched the movie with my mother, who commented, “Nothing like a raptor right in your face.” In the car scene where the Tyrannosaurus Rex is trying to get to the kids through the window, it makes you feel like you’re there and nearly being eaten. The effects were not lost in the transformation between normal video and 3D; they really handled this well, whereas most end up losing the special effects enhancements and in some cases appear choppy. It is all smooth in this movie, and it seems like it was made for 3D instead. However, don’t try to read the credits with the glasses off: it can be very disorienting (I tried); the same goes for the DNA strand in the video on the tour; very disorienting.

The dinosaurs looked spectacular and you felt like you were in the park with the characters. It is by far one of the best 3D movies I have ever seen. I highly recommend this movie.

Tyrannosaurus Rex

Summary of the characters:

John Hammond: Played by Richard Attenborough


The man who not only partially funded, but had the idea of creating a theme park filled with dinosaurs. He is the grandfather of Lex and Tim. His introductory line “Welcome to Jurassic Park” is one of the epic moments of the film. His catch phrase seems to be “Spared no expense.” His park has his investors concerned after an accident and they need at least two experts to sign off on the park or they walk away.

Lex and Tim Murphy: Played by Ariana Richards and Joseph Mazzello


The grandchildren of John Hammond, via his daughter, that join the scientists and lawyer on a tour of the park to gauge the reaction of the target audience. Lex is a computer hacker and Tim has a fascination with dinosaurs and Dr. Alan Grant.

Ellie Sattler and Alan Grant: Played by Laura Dern and Sam Neill


Ellie (a paleobotanologist) and Alan (a paleontologist) are a couple who find and dig up dinosaurs. In exchange for John Hammond funding their dig for a further three years, they came to Isla Nublar and toured his theme park before deciding if they would sign off on the park. They are together as a couple; Ellie want kids while Alan doesn’t like them.

Donald Gennaro: Played by Martin Ferrero


The lawyer hired by the investors to help conduct an investigation of the park to verify the safety and security of the park.

Robert Muldoon: Played by Bob Peck


Robert Muldoon is the park’s game warden, and had worked with Hammond before at his park in Kenya as the game warden.

Dennis Nedry: Played by Wayne Knight


Dennis Nedry is a computer scientist who programs everything electronic in the park. He has financial issues, which is easily resolved when a rival scientist company is looking for a way to gather viable embryos to skip years of research and investment. This complication is the reason the dinosaurs are able to run free.

And saving the best for last (In my opinion)…

Ian Malcolm: Played by Jeff Goldblum


Dr. Ian Malcolm is a mathematician and self proclaimed “chaotician”. His thoughts and development on Chaos Theory is one of the reasons the investors want Ian to come and investigate the island. Another is that he was there in the developmental stages of John Hammond’s project. He was adament both times that it would be impossible to control and that “Life finds a way.” John Hammond refers to him as a rockstar due to his abrasive and cocky personality.

On a final note, here is a quote from the movie (one of my favorites):

Dr. Ian Malcolm: “God creates dinosaurs, God destroys dinosaurs, God creates man, man destroys God, man creates dinosaurs.”

Dr. Ellie Sattler: “Dinosaur eats man, woman inherits the earth.”


‘Rise of the Guardians’ Review

Warning: This may contain spoilers! Many of you have likely heard of the newly released Rise of the Guardians now out on DVD. I was excited to see this movie and I am glad I did! It is a cute cartoon that isn’t just for kids. In fact, some of the scenes could be intense for some small children. I bought the DVD before I ever watched it, but I don’t regret it.

Rise of the Guardians

The movie revolves around the five guardians of the children and their happiness: North (Santa), the Toothfairy, Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), Sandy (the Sandman), and newly elected Jack Frost.

Guardians (Rise of the Guardians)

All of them have what amounts to superpowers, as long as kids believe in them. Their main enemy is Pitch (the Boogeyman), who is just as ancient as they are and far more devious.

Pitch’s plot is to take over the world, which let’s be honest is every villian’s goal is it not? He has powers as well, and is responsible for nightmares. Slowly taking over one holiday at a time, Pitch also takes the mini-fairies hostage. The mini-fairies are absolutely adorable and help the Toothfairy with her job of collecting teeth all around the world.

ROTG Mini Fairy

North lives in the North Pole and to summon the other Guardians, he activates the Northern Lights. His elves are quite adorable as well. Instead of the scattered brained elves making the toys, an army of Yetis make them quite efficiently.

Rise of the Guardians Elves


The Easter Bunny has cute little hopping eggs to hand out. They even dye themselves!

ROTG Bunnymund with Hopping Eggs

Overall, this is a good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is adorable, happy, and some parts are really sad. There are a couple of major parts where it could be inappropriate for small children, and has action sequences. It does receive five stars from me though!

For more information on each character, here are character biography cards I have found scattered around the Internet.

ROTG Jack Frost

ROTG Bunnymund

ROTG Toothfairy

ROTG Sandy

ROTG North

ROTG Pitch

Here’s a who’s who for those that are curious. Talk about a star studded cast!


Jack Frost: Chris Pine, Bunnymund: Hugh Jackman, Tooth Fairy: Isla Fisher, Pitch: Jude Law, North: Alec Baldwin

Mandarin Madras Cocktail

Since St. Patrick’s Day is fast approaching, merely being tomorrow, and in honor of the Irish tradition of drinking on this day (I’m Irish as well), I’ll give you the recipe of the cocktail I’m going to mix for the occasion. It’s called a Mandarin Madras.

The ingredients you will need will be vodka, orange juice (pulp free), cranberry juice, and a lime. In a tall glass filled with ice, pour one part vodka (I use Smirnoff Orange, recipe calls for Absolut Mandarin), two parts orange juice, and two parts cranberry juice in that order.  Garnish with a lime slice.

It tastes amazing and is really fruity. It is refreshing for any time of day and would be great in summer as well as winter and in between.

What it’s supposed to look like (if you know how):

Absolut Mandarin Madras


Source: http://www.absolutdrinks.com/en/drinks/absolut-mandarin-madras/