‘Rise of the Guardians’ Review

Warning: This may contain spoilers! Many of you have likely heard of the newly released Rise of the Guardians now out on DVD. I was excited to see this movie and I am glad I did! It is a cute cartoon that isn’t just for kids. In fact, some of the scenes could be intense for some small children. I bought the DVD before I ever watched it, but I don’t regret it.

Rise of the Guardians

The movie revolves around the five guardians of the children and their happiness: North (Santa), the Toothfairy, Bunnymund (the Easter Bunny), Sandy (the Sandman), and newly elected Jack Frost.

Guardians (Rise of the Guardians)

All of them have what amounts to superpowers, as long as kids believe in them. Their main enemy is Pitch (the Boogeyman), who is just as ancient as they are and far more devious.

Pitch’s plot is to take over the world, which let’s be honest is every villian’s goal is it not? He has powers as well, and is responsible for nightmares. Slowly taking over one holiday at a time, Pitch also takes the mini-fairies hostage. The mini-fairies are absolutely adorable and help the Toothfairy with her job of collecting teeth all around the world.

ROTG Mini Fairy

North lives in the North Pole and to summon the other Guardians, he activates the Northern Lights. His elves are quite adorable as well. Instead of the scattered brained elves making the toys, an army of Yetis make them quite efficiently.

Rise of the Guardians Elves


The Easter Bunny has cute little hopping eggs to hand out. They even dye themselves!

ROTG Bunnymund with Hopping Eggs

Overall, this is a good movie, and I would recommend it to anyone. It is adorable, happy, and some parts are really sad. There are a couple of major parts where it could be inappropriate for small children, and has action sequences. It does receive five stars from me though!

For more information on each character, here are character biography cards I have found scattered around the Internet.

ROTG Jack Frost

ROTG Bunnymund

ROTG Toothfairy

ROTG Sandy

ROTG North

ROTG Pitch

Here’s a who’s who for those that are curious. Talk about a star studded cast!


Jack Frost: Chris Pine, Bunnymund: Hugh Jackman, Tooth Fairy: Isla Fisher, Pitch: Jude Law, North: Alec Baldwin


One thought on “‘Rise of the Guardians’ Review

  1. This is a great family-friendly, holiday movie. The story and message are great for the kids, and the top-notch animation will provide entertainment for those not that into the story. Good review.

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